Delights: July 30 to August 5

July 30: Seen on an Olympics commercial: “This summer, I just want to relax. Ok, relax and maybe run. But mostly relax. And run. And get back into swimming. So, relax — run — swim and I want to dance more. Relax. Run. Swim. Dance and hike to the top of a giant mountain. Ok, relax — run — swim — boogie — hike and get my black belt in Taekwondo. Wait: Are you still relaxing?” Um, yes. Day One of retirement: Today I’ll visit a Korean Spa; tomorrow I’ll indulge a bit of bubbly at dinner with a friend; on Sunday, a ballgame; on Monday, a facial and massage. Then Tuesday to the beach. Retirement is exhausting. (Giggle.)

From another wonderful Olympics commercial: “You don’t need to be amazing to start; but you need to start to be amazing.” (And mistakes are part of the journey.) Sculpture by Claes Oldenburg, National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC.

July 31: In search of a new dog toy, Kevin’s friend allowed her German Shorthair Pointer to browse the tubs of balls and what-not obligingly placed by the pet store at snout level. Sniff, no. Sniff, no. A full aisle and a dozen tubs later, the pointer extracted The One — and immediately raced to the door. “Come on, Mommy, let’s play!” Kevin’s friend, meanwhile, tugged the leash and laughed with the cashier. Come on, Mommy, let’s pay. 

August 1: My friend and I dashed from our seats twice during today’s Nationals game: once from a heavy rain and later from a scorching sun. Others, however, were settled more contentedly. Near us a six-year old boy sat cross-legged on a viewing platform, wearing a Nats tee shirt and cap and hugging a plush version of Screech, the Nationals’ eagle mascot. Screech, of course, had the best seat. 

Another viewing platform in Washington, DC: this one on top of the East Wing of the National Gallery, overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue. Sculpture by Katharina Fritsch. Legs courtesy of a museum guard.

August 2: I rolled my head sideways on my pillow to gaze out the open window. The early morning breeze and cool air encouraged lounging. A sun-green cradle of rhododendron and azalea held a sparkling blue tourmaline. I couldn’t look away. It glittered more beautifully than any ring or brooch I’d ever seen. . . . It’s gone now; I’ve decided I don’t want to know whether it was sunlight on my neighbor’s car or just a retirement gift from the universe.

August 3: As I drove along a country road, I watched an open-sided tourist van approach the crossroads. Looking closer, I saw it wasn’t a tourist van: it was an old school bus, with three large openings cut on each side where the windows should be. And the riders weren’t tourists: they were watermelons. 

And along the ocean, legend has it that crustaceans pull the wagons

August 4: Standing in the center of an O-shaped table, two chefs sautéd, plated and served six courses of exquisite Greek food. Twenty two diners (including our friends) ate, drank and celebrated Athens at sunset as their glass-topped “dining room” rotated slowly — and their feet dangled 165 in the air, thanks to the crane’s hook above and absolutely nothing below. Buckle up!

The Parthenon, Athens

August 5: I spent the day contentedly tidying our house for company. Surprises: makings of a scrumptious salad from last weekend’s party; a gray mystery disc in the freezer (“surfboard wax”); a sweet summer quilt perfect for my niece; and weeds, but not too many. Then I launched into errands, culminating in a run to Island Creamery — just to confirm that their hot fudge sundae with Java Jolt ice cream was as yummy as I remembered. Yup. Company, we are ready for you!

Another surprise from our patio.

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5 thoughts on “Delights: July 30 to August 5

  1. I chuckle as I read your July 30 entry – it seems to the feedback from new retirees that that Retirement is exhausting! Vacation required.


    1. Dear Ju-Lyn, you are exactly right: and that’s why I am savoring my week-long silent retreat (right now) before I transition back to “real life” (or whatever I decide that will be for my Retirement Self). Thanks for traveling with me!


  2. Nice blog!
    Do visit to my blog and follow it if you like.
    Have a nice day 🙂 blessings….


  3. Your art is so engaging. Thanks for sharing it with the world!


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