About Me


I wear my hair razor short.  Nothing escapes my white baseball cap except dangly earrings and my wine dark eyeglasses.  My obsessions: Nationals baseball.  Henry James, especially The Ambassadors. Colonial Williamsburg, for all the family memories.  The Atlantic Ocean, for the same reason. Tulips. A (writing) room of my own. Ignatian Spirituality.  Following Jesuits on Twitter and Franciscans in podcasts.

What I know: how important it is to be fully present, to live all you can. I know that grace and kindness abound. I know it’s a doggie-dog world.  I know how to bake the most amazing triple chocolate cookies and how to ride a wave.  I know how to run a 32-team youth baseball tournament. I know how to defeat cancer and how to live without regrets.  I know I am a beloved child of God.

I love: my husband, who has made me a better person and parent.  My two sons, who stimulate and delight me. Kindness. Dark chocolate with sea salt. My  neighborhood independent bookstore. Waking up with joy.

And I know that Henry James is right:  It doesn’t so much matter what in particular you do with your life, so long as you have had your life. . . . Live!

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