Delights: July 9 to July 15

July 9: I glanced into the creek from the low-slung crossing. A mother duck and her four teenagers paddled just inches from me. Of course I couldn’t summon my camera in time. So, I decided to scurry downstream to see if I could catch them again. Upon my return, I saw my wet footprint facing forward, in the spot where I turned around to chase a bit of joy.

No duck photos, but I love this mother-daughter portrait Kevin took last week.

July 10: Our neighborhood independent book store, One More Page, has reopened. I walked over, just because you never have too many books. A customer and I started chatting, with book ideas flying back and forth. Now friends, we eventually left the store with each other’s recommendations. Truly, an indy book store is so much more than the books.

Delicate pine on the Life of the Dunes trail at Assateague National Seashore.

July 11: I read today about a century-old concept called collective effervescence, which posits that we are nourished simply by sharing a common happy moment with others. Going to the ballpark does that for me. So, today, did my visit to Kevin’s church for their Welcome Home service. The pastor’s joy was palpable and utterly contagious. We celebrated Communion and were fed in other ways too.

July 12: After a long (and, shall we say, complex) day, I searched for my day’s delight. As I drove slowly through town on an errand, I spotted a clergy person in clerical garb walking along the sidewalk. Savoring this unusual sight, I smiled broadly at him. By some miracle he saw me and smiled joyously back. At that moment I was raised up, blessed, and fortified to keep going.

Kevin followed this rainbow for many miles.

July 13: Last night, Jeremiah and I watched the Home Run Derby, half-convinced that its new(ish) format would sap the joy. Instead, the Derby exceeded our wildest hopes: a monstrous 520-foot home run by our hometown hero and a format that ultimately decided the best contest on three swings — after 20 improbable minutes of leads and ties. Oh, how sometimes I love to be wrong.

July 14: The breezes filled Kathy’s porch, the waning afternoon offered golden light, and I thoroughly enjoyed the company of my goddaughter, visiting from Boston. Inspired by the young law student before us (and plenty of rosé), Kathy and I tossed about stories, lessons and wisdom. Advice for my goddaughter? Maybe. Delight in learning more about an old friend? Definitely.

I don’t know if there’s a metaphor here. I just love the old weathered wood firmly planted, playfully twisted, and still reaching upward.

July 15: Yesterday someone asked me what advice I would give to my younger self starting her career. I replied: find in yourself both confidence and humility, seasoned with the courage to ask for and welcome help. My answer surprised me. I wish my younger self had received (and heeded) that advice. And, I thought, someday I’ll have wisdom for my current self. But why wait? Perhaps I’ll ask myself this question more often. What have I learned now? And now? And now? 

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Two bluejays exchanging bird feeder news.

3 thoughts on “Delights: July 9 to July 15

  1. Advice to my younger self? Have more faith in your capabilities, and acknowledge where your strengths lie. Sounds like you had a good week.


    1. Oh, I love this. Yes, I agree completely. And I ask myself now: what in ten years will I wish that my current-self knew? This: wonder more, worry less. I’ll give it a try. Thanks, T&K, for sharing your wisdom with me.


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