Delights: June 25 to July 1

June 25: I scurried around today to go to work. On deadline, I chose and rejected three outfits (and accessories), gobbled breakfast without the convenience of an off-screen Zoom call, triple-checked all my gear, and headed to the Metro. Without earrings, but with the promise of a beautiful day, culminating in a lunch date and a museum promenade. At the National Portrait Gallery, I bumped into an 19th century portrait I’d just seen in an old magazine and another painting I had displayed in my office without knowing its home. I had conjured a day in Washington, DC, filled with reunions. I look forward to many more.

The Artist in His Museum - Wikipedia
The Artist in His Museum, by Charles Wilson Peale (1822), on loan to the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery

June 26: An evening breeze chased the humidity away and the trees gallantly shaded the sun. I joined 75 others to enjoy gospel music offered by a local Ministry of Racial Reconciliation and Healing. Families picnicked and children swayed to “This Little Light of Mine.” I could have listened and sung and prayed all night long.

June 27: Inspired by a friend, who now walks six miles a day to dissolve some of those pandemic pounds, I bought a Fitbit. Am I the type of person motivated by metrics? Evidently, yes. I  inaugurated my device with an eye-popping 25,076 steps on my museum day — and have goaded myself to get out there ever since. Today I discovered a new hilly three-mile route and got credit for yoga. A bit more healthy? Perhaps. Insufferable? I hope not. 

June 28: What do you get if you propose grilling some marinated chicken and suggesting fajitas? Thanks to a friend’s great idea, last night six of us provided the fixings, the sides and lively conversation. Kathy provided her lovely porch. I also give her full credit for the breeze and the joy.

June 29: The bullfrogs along our local creek sound just like cows. For real.

A friend and I talked about Vietnam today. This photo from Ha Long Bay in 2018 came to mind.

June 30: I told my boss that I’d miss our evening check-in because I’d be at the ballpark. She laughed and wished me well. She got a taste of the ballpark when I joined the call anyway — in the middle of the ballgame, in the middle of a four-run rally, in the middle of crowd euphoria. I do love it when worlds collide — especially when the Nats win!

July 1: Last night, vendors outside the ballpark offered bottled water, caps and tee shirts. I don’t recall what one woman sold: Jeremiah and I were transfixed by the watermelon standing large and tall on top of her head.

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I like the rust-colored metal softened by the vines.

6 thoughts on “Delights: June 25 to July 1

  1. Glad you enjoyed the exhibition. I have avoided a Fitbit so far…..


    1. Ha! I get it. And yet I admit it’s pushed me out on walks — like the one I describe at dusk on July 6 — in order to get those last 2,000 steps. Last night, I even marched in place for 500 steps while watching TV. Silly, but there I am!


  2. I love the sound of your June 25 workday – excitement of getting ready complete with fashion show, eye rolling at the forgotten earrings, promise of a day filled with good food and a museum visit. Not quite the same as Zoom in PJs, and a lunch date with Netflix (I do this all the time, but I think a break in “routine” would be most welcome).


    1. You said it perfectly (especially the PJs and Netflix part). I’ll try it again soon! And I hope you find a break from routine too, Ju-Lyn.


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