Delights: May 7 to May 13

May 7: I strained to hear the radio on the other side of the screen door. And then I realized: in the wooded backyard before me, the breeze tickled the leaves until they laughed; the birds — so many voices! — shared evening plans; and the garden fountain burbled into its pond. I could hear the announcers’ excitement when the Nationals scored a run. And in between I let nature be my ball game.

May 8: So many happy — vaccinated, socially distanced — people eating good food, savoring views, singing in families to the DJ’s tunes. A dad danced with his two-year old son to Friends in Low Places. Joy suffused the child’s face, and ours too.

Sinepuxent Bay, with Assateague Island and the Atlantic Ocean beyond.

May 9: Jazz and blues, wine and brews, artists selling their work. I was not the only person covered in sunshine and smiles in the little coastal town’s first festival in a very long time.

May 10: Summer is just a blink away. So we left the house without blankets, coats and cushions. The cold wind blew the sun away and Jeremiah, two vaccines done, wore his mask for warmth. The fabric dragonflies quivered with each shudder, ready to take flight in search of their own summer.

May 11: Despite its thick glossy leaves and tropical lushness, I’d neglected a houseplant in a distant room. I found it today canopied in extravagant orange blossoms, with more already decorating the floor. May I be as gracious and forgiving as that beautiful plant.

May 12: My yoga teacher led us through High Boat, with our arms and legs raised, and Low Boat, with limbs hovering close to the mat. Again and again. Now I understand why, when I mistype “and,” my iPhone autocorrects it to “abs.” 

May 13: Nate shoveled eighty pounds of organic matter from the bottom of a small pond and fitted a gurgling fountain. Kevin spread sunflower seeds to attract gold finches and gilded the garden with a hanging basket of flowers. (“Red: your favorite color!”)  Jeremiah bought the groceries and positioned the patio chair just right. Today was not Mother’s Day. And yet I felt like a queen.

Kevin encountered these horses on the Assateague National Gateway bike path. Photo by Kevin Ogle

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Another bike ride, another set of Assateague horses. Photo by Kevin Ogle

8 thoughts on “Delights: May 7 to May 13

  1. Oh thank you so much for the mention and your kind words! Lovely to hear you are coming out of lockdown in your part of the world. Enjoy the week ahead!


    1. Thank you, my friend! Your posts have helped me see what awaits us all. I wish you a lovely week — and I’m eager to read about it.


  2. Walking with you through your week is like moving through different movements in a symphony – there is such beauty in the various paces of your days.

    My favourite image of you this week is you on your porch, enjoying the dual sound of radio & nature: surround-sound of the best kind!


    1. Dear Ju-Lyn — Your image of a symphony is beautiful. Thank you for helping me to see my days in such an evocative way! (And, yes, the surround-sound was pretty cool!)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. ‘May I be as gracious and forgiving as that beautiful plant’ resonated with me. I spent ages tending some plants I have indoors yesterday, but that’s not the norm. You’ve made me wonder why it is so easy to neglect the ones we keep indoors.


    1. Hi, Susurrus. I appreciate your insight. Maybe I take for granted what I always see — and which, unlike a garden, requires, so little work? I love that you spent time tending your indoor plants. You are inspiring me!


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