Delights: April 23 to April 29

April 23: A friend’s story: She and her partner refused to pitch their tent on the bayside of Assateague Island National Seashore because, she said, the mosquitos were as big as horses. Instead, they chose the sand and surf-side. The full moon promised magic. Awakened by the sound of snuffling, they peeked through the tent flap — and shimmering before them was a unicorn. Or, at least, a pure white Assateague pony who also found magic (and their tent) in the moonlight. 

Photo by Pixabay on (This is not my friend’s photo, but it seems so right.)

April 24: A Saturday is perfect for almost anything, including a thorough washing of a Victorian wrap-around porch. The homeowners’ furniture — all wicker and wood, tables and chairs — fanned across the front yard. And under a tree, at a newly planted table and chair, sat the homeowner herself, pen in hand and relaxation very much in mind.

April 25: As he worked (deeply, painfully) through the knots and tangles of my back, my massage therapist held my hand. “As you follow this path,” he seemed to say, “I am here with you.”

Currituck Sound, North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

April 26: How do two ducks climb over a small waterfall? Step 1: Wait for the two humans to walk away. Step 2: [I don’t know. Kevin and I walked away.]

April 27: The whirlybird seeds of our large maple fell in a spinning, blowing curtain from south to north, in a perfectly coordinated ballet. As I gazed at them from my window, they brought a blessing — and comfort. When I looked up again, I saw the same spinning curtain blowing the other way. A sign to be flexible? Then the school bus scattered kids like seeds across our lawn. I watched them chase and catch “the helicopters,” hollering their delight. Enjoy what Grace provides?  I’m glad I didn’t take an afternoon nap!

Whirling beauty in the Iowa State Capitol.

April 28:  The Sorting Hat fell over my ears. I was about to be assigned to a virtual “breakout room.” Like young Harry Potter, I begged, “Not Slytherin. Please, not Slytherin.” Unlike young Harry Potter, I got Slytherin. And — here’s the best part — it was fine; it was better than fine. Once again, the place I feared was, of course, the place where I needed to be. 

April 29: An opossum waddled across my neighbor’s lawn. From my “office” window, I’d seen foxes, deer, and even ducks but never an opossum. I wanted to stand up to watch its progress, but that would have meant displaying my pajama pants to my Zoom colleagues. I don’t know why I hesitated, though. Aren’t they now more common then rabbits?

My friends Nick and Samantha shared their joy with me. And, of course, I admire their excellent use of masks!

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11 thoughts on “Delights: April 23 to April 29

  1. Lovely highlights as usual! Cleaning the porch – rewarding I presume?


    1. Hi! Upon rereading my “porch” post after many days, I realize that I might have implied that the porch was mine. I wish! Instead, it was the chore and delight of the house down the street, although I wish I had joined the homeowner in her shady unconventional nook!


  2. I love that engagement photo – such fun!
    Love the animal anecdotes … white horse, ducks, opossum.
    Had to look up whirly bird seeds … they must be so graceful when they twirl. Those children playing with them as they fell must have been a hoot to watch!


    1. Ju-Lyn — Yes, the animal theme did emerge in these delights. Next spring, I’ll try to take (and post) a video of the whirly bird seeds in dancing descent. But as you observed last week, the camera might not do them justice. The children did, though!


      1. You have such a gentle & creative way with words – you paint very vivid images with them! So even when the camera cannot, you do.


  3. I came here via Thistles and Kiwis. (I also see that Ju-Lyn follows you.) A delightful post. That last picture, in particular, sure made me smile. The unicorn was a close second. 😉


    1. Dear Laurie — Thank you for visiting! Yes, Thistles & Kiwis is a wonderful convener of kindred spirits. I’m glad you liked the unicorn and my two young friends. I just visited your Hinterlands site. I loved it!

      Liked by 1 person

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