Delights: February 5 to February 11

February 5: Ah, snow. The sparkling crystals. The magical shapes of familiar objects. The cheery greetings of neighbors bundled and eager. Nevertheless, I suppose I welcome the melting snow if it comes with bright sun, mild air and the chirps of a dozen robins hopping about on a newly bare tree.

This photo, from my sister’s backyard in New Jersey, captures so much of what I love about winter.

February 6: My son Nate and I turned down a street we didn’t know in a neighborhood we were still discovering. The street pointed arrow-straight in the darkness to a tiny bright Ferris wheel in the distance, glowing in turns indigo blue, poppy red, and purple. Jewel colors and a bit of mystery in the winter sky.

February 7: I went for walk on a sun-bright day, seeking the place where the marshes meet the river and, eventually, the ocean. I drank in the waving grasses and sinuous channels. When I saw a young heron strolling down her liquid sidewalk, my delight was complete.

February 8:  I stretched and reached on this rainy morning, alternating stillness and flow during my yoga practice. The crepe myrtle beyond the window mirrored my poses. Then it went perfectly still: at its tips, it balanced raindrops as big as berries, berries as big as raindrops. 

February 9: Oh my hair, my pandemic hair. It’s long enough for brushing. Long enough even for curlers. At last, a rescue team of razors and scissors excavated “my look,” leaving behind enough gray and silver clusters on the floor to knit a cozy sweater. 

The marshes inland of Maryland’s Assateague Island on the Atlantic Ocean.

February 10: I watched Jeremiah whoop and holler as heroes and villains piloted starships through an anime universe. I didn’t fully understand the stakes on the TV show, despite my son’s sincere and patient teaching. But his unabashed pleasure gave me such joy.

February 11: Ok, this amazes me: my wee blog, with 102 kind followers, has been viewed this past month in New Zealand, Canada, France, Ireland, Australia, the United Kingdom, Sweden, China, South Africa, Germany and Romania — in addition to the United States. I don’t know how you found me, but if you found a morsel of delight I hope you visit again. And send me pictures or delights from where you are!

Bonus: Savor these beautiful photos from a New Zealand summer garden in Thistles and Kiwis, “A blog about a Scottish woman, who lived in Denmark, and moved to New Zealand.” I think you’ll enjoy her accounts of Wellington outings, garden glory, and simple delights as much as I do.

Here’s a bit of simple summer beauty on the Isle of Iona in Scotland, because it’s summer for the kiwis, if not the thistles.

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6 thoughts on “Delights: February 5 to February 11

  1. I am a true fan of the Delights. Thank you CarolAnn for seeing the beauty in little moments!


    1. Dear Alex — Thank you for your cheery encouragement! My eyes are indeed opening wider to the little moments! I’m glad you enjoy it too.


  2. Thank you, Carol Ann! My Covid hair is out of control. I’m glad we are all in this together! xo


    1. Ha! Hazel, I appreciate your empathy. But no photos allowed!


  3. Oh thank you so much for mentioning my blog! You are so kind. I loved your description of the sight of the ferris wheel.


    1. Hello, friend! I’m very glad to share the joy of reading your blog. And thanks for liking the Ferris wheel moment. It was indeed a surprising delight!


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