Delights: January 8 to January 14

January 8: She darted back and forth across the lawn, ducking behind a bush, rolling around the tree — hiding, scampering, hiding again. And that was the grandmother. I hope the little girl “seeking” was as delighted with the game as I was.

January 9: What better destination for an afternoon walk than our local brewery? We grabbed a leash for Majka, our “go” bag of cushions and quilts, and our chess set. A lovely hour passed as Majka nosed for popcorn while Jere and I practiced moves from “Queen’s Gambit.”

January 10: During playoff football, a decisive (and welcomed) interception elicited loud whoops and hollers. Replays prompted more cheers. The TV got louder too. Cacophony. Until we discovered Majka sitting on the remote, pumping up the sound.

Jeremiah and Majka, in one of their calmer moments.

January 11:  Holding hands with her little sister, an eleven-year old girl walked past my house. Her father led introductions, and I invited them to enjoy our front-yard swing set. Nora then took charge, reminding me that she and I had met before and that she already played on the swings. All right, then, young one. Grow up strong.

January 12: The sun was so bright, and the sky so blue. The holly leaves offered a deep welcoming green. By trick of light and wind, I saw on the holly a yellow finch, then a magnolia blossom. Fluttering its shining tips, the leaf at last dispelled the image. But I decided to keep the finch and the bloom.

Lovely Four Mlle Run, with its own colors

January 13:  The little tractor I saw last week has wandered to the new playground, motored, I hope by yet another little child.

January 14: On the question of a temporary intra-family car swap, someone in my family replied, “No, I can’t do it. With all the stuff I tote around, my car has everything I could ever need. It’s like Hermione’s bag in Harry Potter. It’s my own personal Swiss Army Knife.” Exactly!

And on my walk the next day, I saw the red-handled tricycle in our neighborhood’s woods. Where will the tractor and tricycle go next?

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