Delights: March 25 to March 31

March 26: Out my window: Two little girls, leaving their bicycles at the curb, dash to our swing set. Our mail carrier stops by. Usually, he happily smiles his greetings and moves on. Today, I hear him chatting with the girls, then with their mom (off stage), and then with the girls again. Something about birthdays and a special treat he’ll bring them. Joy ensues, at a safe distance. And then they part. “Bye, angel. Enjoy your bike ride,” he says.

A year ago, I savored this view on my commute. Now the carpet before me is a little different!

March 27:  During the time we usually take our evening walk, I chose work and Kevin chose a bike ride. When I finally extracted myself, I set out alone — but with a very clear destination: our local brewery, Audacious Aleworks. No, they weren’t drawing pints, but I could come home with a few four-packs. The evening was lovely and refreshment beckoned. Delight enough. But then I got a call from a friend (asking about cable TV) who just happened to live along my route. Join me? You bet. Growler in hand, we hit the liquor store (single malt Scotch) and the brewery. Sunshine, Nats chat and catching up, washed down with a Ruby Goddess. When he got home, Kevin was very pleased.

March 28: My neighborhood has blossomed with paper hearts on doors and windows. (Wait! Stop typing. I have construction paper! I have scissors & tape! I know how to fold paper in half and snip!) So I finish this delight with my own contribution to our community love. And the cutting was super fun too.   

My new door. And I’ve seen “peace” and “hearts” written in lights — and people’s hearts?

 March 29: I viewed a lovely worship service this morning and realized how much I miss being in church. Even without a community around me, I missed the readings, the prayers, the confessions and the professions. I missed a pastor’s reassurance and a pastor’s charge. I missed being reminded that our self-isolation is a sacrifice of generosity for each other. And I missed being reminded that I can fast by action: especially connecting and praying. And so, dear reader, I connect to you and pray for you. What a lovely life-giving Lenten fast.

March 29: An afternoon of delights: a sunshine walk with a sunshine friend, deep surprising views from her backyard (which soon will be cocooned in foliage), sips of beer & wine, hellebores in happy bloom, and the quick vroom of my friend’s lawn mower, fresh from servicing, in the hands of her grateful neighbor.

e43daiyFSh2aVqG24X%hLgMarch 30: Today, a difficult day, was also a spectacular spring day, warm, fragrant, and sunny. The world insists we try something new. And that, eventually, will be beautiful too.

March 31: In pre-dawn darkness, I fixed my gaze through our picture window onto a still small point. And so I held balance in my crescent lunge. Arms flung high and strong above my head, I communed with my reflection. Then down I went for other yoga shapes. A few minutes later, I rose in crescent again. My Self was now just a fading glimmer. I puzzled: How could this be? I’m still here. Then I thought, that’s how it is with God.

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