Delights: August 14 to August 20

August 14: The moist fragrant soil smelled of horses along my path to the Metro. I laughed under a leaf rain from quivering branches. And sunbeams catching the mist seemed like heaven reaching down to touch the earth.

August 15: Today I visited the National Museum of African-American History & Culture, right across from my office. I accompanied my dear friend Laurna and her sister Mignon. Friends since the fifth grade, Laurna and I spent hours at her house. Her parents and her grandmother honored us with their attention, affection and advice. And Mignon radiated elegance whenever she visited. Amid the horrors and triumphs of the museum, I kept returning to beautiful memories.

Here we are in the Contemplative Court after a wonderful museum day.

p.s. For a glimpse of some of the fun we had in Laurna’s den, click here

August 16: I did the rare thing today: slowing down and just talking, with my colleague Kendra about my visit to the museum, with Laurna and Mignon about … everything. Savoring time together; savoring the joy that we are fashioned to share with each other, if we remember to give — and receive — it.

August 17:  Cindy and Laurna arrived at my house for a lovely afternoon of food and conversation. (Pets! Politics! and more.) By 7 pm, we finally separated, with Cindy heading miles away to her home and me driving Laurna back to her Washington DC hotel. Except: Laurna allowed me to kidnap her for the rest of the evening, culminating with Kevin in a nighttime exploration of the FDR and the Martin Luther King Memorials. This friendship thing. I like it.

August 18: Planning my day. Planning my day. I paused in front of a sink of drying dishes and gazed absently out the window. I saw the sprawling orange flowers overtaking the rose bush. Then I saw a beautiful butterfly, then another, And bees. I allowed myself to gaze — and briefly forget.

August 19: My wonderful trainer Kenny challenged me in ways I needed today. And best of all he reminded me that success at his gym is about showing up. I felt floppy, but I showed up. And I left standing tall and strong.

August 20: I opened a bar of soap today from “Lovemore Lavender,” which I found at a DC famers market. Shea butter, ground oatmeal, sea salt and a delicate fragrance: I cut it in half for twice the pleasure. Do you have a special bar of soap you haven’t opened yet?

2 thoughts on “Delights: August 14 to August 20

  1. Thanks for memorializing in print our time in D.C. together. It was wonderful.


    1. It was indeed! I love creating new memories with my oldest friend. Love, Carol Ann


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