Delights: July 24 to July 30

July 24: My morning was frenetic and my day promised no better. In my rushing, I slipped on my prayer-bead bracelets and promised, “later.” Finally, walking to the Metro, I offered my prayers. God already blesses the individuals and groups I pray for. I found as I walked and prayed that the person most blessed by praying was me. 

July 25: At the ballpark today, I bought our customary bucket of popcorn. “Come on back, Hon, free refills,” she said. So I did — and discovered the vendor’s relief: my payment hadn’t gone through. Would I try again? Done. And then more popcorn, piled higher than before.

Ok, these are definitely not my seats that night, but it is definitely the Nationals.

July 26: Big Dog. Little Dog. Go, Mom, go. For three days, I’ve been the primary caregiver of a skinny long-limbed German Shepherd and a tough, muscular pug-terrier mix. Big Dog is jittery; Little Dog is bossy. They make me smile as they establish ground rules and tell me what to do.

July 27: Looking for a Cuban-Afro-Brazilian gospel jazz band today, I stumbled onto an organ recital. I sat down (anyway) and found myself with a perfect view of the organ: four keyboards, a host of pedals, switches — even the side walls of the case boasting dozens of stops. I was entranced by the Bach and Mendelssohn, and utterly delighted by a dozen variations on Gershwin’s I’ve Got Rhythm. (Did I hear a fugue in that?) Best of all, one variation required nothing but pedal work: the artist gripped the sides of the organ while she moved her feet up and down and back and forth. It was amazing. Count me a fan.

July 28: Kasia needed a co-conspirator for an undercover caper, and I readily volunteered. Our goal: to snap photos of a surprise engagement. Our location: the rose garden of Arlington’s Bon Air park. Our success? Well, you judge.  Read more here:

July 29: My friend Kasia observed why we love watching the Fab Five stars of Queer Eye. Through food, fashion, style, decor and conversation they practice true kindness and seek happiness for themselves and others. We want to do that too.

July 30: Meeting up with Porkbellies and Lizard Kings. Touching down in Avoca and Keokuk. Laughing with high school chums and family. Pedaling 400 miles on a bike with friends old and new. Meeting kind people at long shower lines. Savoring apple pie in shady churches and Mr. Porkchop right where you need him…. Kevin came home from RAGRAI today, achieving once again the Des Moines Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa.

My husband, my heroic Kevin after dipping his front tire in the Mississippi River — and cycling 400 miles across Iowa in seven days. Hometown Keokuk triumphant.

2 thoughts on “Delights: July 24 to July 30

  1. Liam and I loved this post, especially the rump picture! ♥️


    1. Thank you, Carolyn (and Liam), for reading all the way and for laughing with me. I’m discovering all sorts of new ways to be brave — and to take myself less seriously. However, I confess that after seeing that photo I’ve now found a new pair of gardening pants. A fitting outcome, no?


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