Delights: June 26 to July 2

June 26, 2019: I’m a family person through and through. I loved my mother, and I happily attach myself to others’ too. Today, I learned that my “Virginia Mom” passed away on Saturday. For more than 30 years, Dorothy hugged me, loved me and cheered me on. She introduced me to the beauty of the cello and the joy of live classical music. Like my own mom, Dorothy recognized her gifts and shared them abundantly. An artist, an entrepreneur and a teacher, she brought love everywhere. Her life inspired me and so many others. I’ll cherish my memories forever. 

Dorothy Amarandos, her daughter Aileen Pisciotta

June 27, 2019: A ten-year old girl turned her scooter into the path in front of me. Her dad followed. They tootled along, veering first over the footbridge then back on the path. In synchronicity each squatted down then seconds later popped up. The girl led her dad around the soccer field to the dog park, where I lost them amid the trees. I hope they make another loop to please another mom.

June 28, 2019: I like construction equipment, especially when odd machinery pops up in odd places. Today from the Metro platform I saw a glossy long-necked orange-yellow device sunk into the track bed. It reminded me of those photos of the Loch Ness Monster, except it glowed in the morning sun. Or maybe a giraffe. Or maybe a lover looking across the distance, hopeful and yearning. 

June 29, 2019: Pride Month. Rainbows everywhere: the banner hanging from our church railing; the Washington Nationals “curly W” pressed to my car window; maybe even the box of foam pedicure flip flops at my salon. . . .I’m going with it.

June 30, 2019: The ocean, at last. Arriving at Bethany Beach each year on a Sunday, I sprint into the water knowing that my Dad is in the ocean at exactly the same time, 100 miles north. Suddenly the pulse of the waves, the swishing of the salt, the sharp eyes of the gulls— all connect us. Reaching to touch the water’s surface is the same gesture as reaching for my Dad’s hand. When he was still alive, I knew this particular Sunday summer miracle was true.

July 1, 2019: I’m at a family church camp. I asked to join three teenage girls at their table for lunch, and they kindly assented. I returned the kindness by inviting the visiting Bethany Beach lifeguard, Ryan, to sit with us. At first we discussed rip tides (Ryan: I could discuss them for hours!) The girls were almost breathless through lunch. But they absolutely melted when he asked each girl what she was reading.

July 2, 2019: Impressions today: Sleeping in, at last. Avery small child with her hands outstretched to catch a very small butterfly. The girls’ delight when I told them that Cute Lifeguard Ryan called out to me by name last night. An invitation from a group of teenagers to join them in the ocean.   Toy Story 4 in an old-time movie theatre. And $3 popcorn.

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