Delights: May 29 to June 4

May 29, 2019:  Ok, I love my Aqua Zumba class. During the federal government shutdown, I went three days a week and fell in love with one instructor, Lisa. Recently, I dipped into the pool for Lisa’s class — a rare treat nowadays. Seeing me bobbing there, she announced, “This is one we haven’t heard in a while. It’s one of Carol Ann’s favorites!” And off we went, running through the water, swinging our arms against the water’s resistance and doing a do-si-do with a partner. Finally, a kickline. My partner and I were breathless with effort and giggles. Another woman saluted us: “I’ve never seen two women have more fun than you two.” That, truly, was a compliment.

May 30, 2019: At yoga tonight, our teacher enriched our deep rest with a Shavasana massage. Her touch was firm, deep and abundant: 15 seconds of bliss as my cheekbones, temples and jaw-hinge yielded to her insistent pressure. And her benediction was a warm cap that she fashioned over my skull with her cupped hands. All those planks and warriors were totally worth that moment.

Ta Prohm Temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia

May 31, 2019: At work today, I was sitting at my desk with my door open to the suite where our superbly talented administrative professional sits. All day she’d been handling a time-sensitive project with her usual resourcefulness — and utterly without the necessary technical support. Her frustration was building. I finally stopped by to check on her, and she was doubled over laughing. “I just love you,” she said. Uh, ok. We hug a lot, but what prompted this now? “Well,” she said, “When I shouted out ‘Jesus, Mary, Joseph!’ just now, you answered.”

June 1, 2019: I traveled to Krakow, Poland, in my imagination today as Jeremiah and Kasia prepared for their summer adventure. Krakow: Europe’s other Prague and the city of Kasia’s family. Rick Steves’ guide book is my plane ticket this year.

June 2, 2019: When Nate realized that he could not join me for a Nationals game this week, I broke generational expectations and invited one of Nate’s friends to join me. I’ve known Jack for 15 years, since I first coached him on Nate’s baseball team. He’s an engaging, generous, promising young man and a perfect companion at a ball game. I was honored and delighted when he said yes.

June 3, 2019: I breakfasted today at my local coffee shop, where I happily poured over documents I couldn’t make myself read this weekend. The barista knows me and makes me feel loved. A warm croissant, good coffee and tiny kindnesses: it would be a good day.

June 4, 2019: At the ballgame tonight, with the Nationals trailing from the first 10 pitches, we cheered heartily when a nearby fan chased down a foul ball and gave it to a kid. The Nats sensed the do-good vibe and suddenly did good themselves, launching an explosive six-run fifth inning to pull away. Soon, a friend swung by our seats to say hello: he confessed to being the kind-hearted fan. I salute you, Jon. Thanks for the win.

Front row seats in 2014 at Nationals Park

2 thoughts on “Delights: May 29 to June 4

  1. Your posts always make me smile, friend. Go Nats!


    1. You bet! Thanks for joining me, Hazel. Smiles come from all sources! Carol Ann


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