Confidence: a Confession

As a young woman, my confidence lagged far beyond my abilities.  Amid transcendent brilliance at college (and burdened by an enormous reading list), I rarely spoke out. But once, early in a semester, I was able to complete Saint Augustine’s Confessions on time for my Humanities class.  I loved his insights and challenges to my faith, and I spoke with both curiosity and confidence.

The following weeks, though, I flagged as we rolled through Dante, Milton and Rabelais. So, I cracked the spines of my paperback books to give the impression I’d read farther than I had.  My confidence was as false as my cheat.  But when discussions rolled around to something Saint Augustine might have something to say about, I realized that I did too. 

And so, for the entire semester, I offered Saint Augustine’s perspective in every class.  The professor beamed. And I learned that confidence sometimes just requires getting started.

I wrote this piece for Five Minute Friday, a faith-based community blogging site at:  Check out the other short essays on the topic of Confidence.

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