Delights: May 14 to May 20

May 14: On the expansive restaurant deck I savored my beer, river views and the mild evening. But most of all I enjoyed the company of three work colleagues. We have talked on Zoom almost daily for fourteen months. We are so much more interesting in three dimensions. 

May 15: I’d left the screen door partly open to our patio. Overnight, Brood X cicadas found their way inside the screen. When I opened the sliding glass door, I found them molted and clinging, with no direction home. Using spoon and towel, Jeremiah and I lifted each one to freedom. And then all day we had to be sure not to crunch them underfoot. 

And, after we freed them, one of them (or her cousin) explored my pant leg and my shirt. Another as big as a hummingbird bombed past my head. But no cicada cacophony yet.

May 16: I was standing in the kitchen when Jere reached an arm around me and pulled me to his chest. I recalled, when he was little, doing the same to him. You were the perfect size, I said. Squeezing me closer, he said, I’m the perfect size now.

May 17: I saw a ten-year old boy lift his arms to offer a partly furled flag. An older girl in a plaid skirt and white blouse reached down from her pedestal, one arm gripping the flagpole. Another girl balanced and gripped too. They’d already affixed the American flag. And when I drive past the school again in a few minutes I know I’ll see their work done.

May 18: I placed a low-hanging bird feeder before my office window. I was confident I’d entice the robins nested in the Nandina and the sparrows and cardinals from the curbside bush. My first and only customer so far: a very inquisitive deer. 

See the entire sequence at the end of this post.

May 19: I walked across the new pedestrian bridge, alone in the quiet afternoon. I caught a movement to the side and watched as a man, in vest, helmet and the bucket of a cherry-picker, rose outside the bridge to my eye level. We exchanged greetings and went on about our bridge business.

I love the promise of a village of peony buds.

May 20: I’ve seen the Milky Way just once; it truly looks like the splash of a bucket of milk flung across the sky. So, today, was the birdsong that awakened me well before dawn. The layers and textures of sound; the variety and random intensities; and so many voices beyond my power to discern. I know the birds will call to each other throughout the day. But their breathtaking exuberance to welcome the dawn flung joy into the air. I must remember, when the day gets hard, to sip it.

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We deserve irises.

6 thoughts on “Delights: May 14 to May 20

  1. What fun to have a deer in the garden! And such beautiful iris. As always, a delightful post full of little things that made you smile.


    1. A very belated thank you for your comment! Next to tulips, irises are my favorite flowers. This is planting season for us Northern Hemisphere folks. Maybe the timing of your September posts and my May ones are just the inspiration I need to get to work!


  2. I am always charmed and serene after I read your posts: your daily anecdotes speak truth and note simplicity in such a lyrical manner.

    Your account of May 16 particularly touched me – they grow up so very quickly, and it is touching things come full circle.

    Reading May 15 brought back a very vivid visceral memory of cicada season when I was in Texas for college, and we inevitably had to crunch through pathways of these critters all through campus. It was a rather distressing season for me, and I avoided going out as much as I could!


    1. Thank you, Ju-Lyn, for your note and especially for highlighting my May 15 post about Jeremiah. I was glad to read it again. (Writing preserves memories, as you know!) Thanks also for your Texas cicada story. Yes, distressing is the word. We stayed inside too!


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