Delights: April 8 to April 14

April 8: From my window, a plump thimble-sized bee inspects the green and sprawling forget-me-nots. Will you sew some tiny periwinkle petals to the delicate stems? Or just unspool an imaginary thread between the daffodils and Nandina and grasses? 

This vivacious bike often passes my window. How lovely to admire it up close.

April 9: I saw my favorite tulip today. Not in my yard, mind you: ours made salad for rabbits. Instead, it graced my evening stroll, its sunset orange petals splashed with cherry. I stopped and gazed. Then a bit of wind tickled a petal in my direction. The petal nodded to me, I nodded back, with thanks and a smile.

April 10: Jeremiah, little dog Majka and I walked to Audacious Aleworks to help support their business (and, uh, to bring back lots of craft beer). We saw what’s become beautifully common: smiling neighbors, emerging gardens and streets uncluttered by cars. We also saw that someone, with fat blue chalk, has drawn plump hearts in the street in front of my neighbor’s walkways. I wish I had thought of that!

The three of us also finished a puzzle.

April 11: Kevin has logged many (many) miles on his bike in the last few weeks. He measures his outings in minutes, miles and elevation (only “up” counts!). So when he came home this weekend with a shiny super-pretty bicycle, I was thrilled for him. And he even consulted me on color choices for the handlebar tape! Just don’t ask me to join you, dear one….

+5YRWwTbTimQtS6SvEAvbwApril 12: I celebrated my Easter morning (in part) by listening to Handel’s Messiah — and reading Jesse Dougherty’s book about the World Champion Washington Nationals. I kid you not: Just as I get to the part where Howie Kendrick hits an NLDS Game Five 10th inning tie-breaking series-winning grand slam home run, the Hallelujah Chorus comes on. My thoughts exactly!

April 13: I think I’ve looked out the windows of my house more in the past month than I have in the past year. And, oh, the rewards! I’m transfixed by ordinary daylight in dozens of moods and dozens of moments. Droplets of rain glisten on our Japanese maple. Cherry, dogwood and redbud beckon me at all stages of bud and bloom. I gape at the colors, bold and subtle, on the tree-lined streets. I have literally watched the grass grow. And it’s marvelous. 


April 14: Wizards, Mystics and Nets. Giants, Seahawks, Ravens, Eagles, Steelers, Packers, Patriots and ‘Skins. The Ft. Collins Beavers and Paris Saint Germain. The Orange, Terapins, Hawkeyes and Vols. The Capitals and the Blues. And, of course, the Yankees and the World Champion Washington Nationals. Two dozen teeshirts, two dozen smiles, and two dozen very colorful and vocal Skype-ites during our Senior Staff meeting today. My boss’s idea. Now that’s Team Spirit!

Love in the Time of the Corona Virus: Love and prayers and enormous thanks to our health care heroes, from housekeeping to surgery. Special love to my brave and caring sister-in-law Karolina.


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2 thoughts on “Delights: April 8 to April 14

  1. Hello Carol Ann,
    I read some of the entries for last week. I love the photo of redbuds and dogwood. They always make an exquisite combination at this time of year. I had a chance to enjoy a beautiful drive down to Mount Vernon estate and back home via George Washington Pkway on Sunday.


  2. Dear Jini — How lovely to hear from you. Yes, the dogwood and redbuds make an exquisite pairing. I imagine you saw beautiful blooms and views on your trip to Mount Vernon last week! Thanks for helping our imagination travel with you.


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