Delights: June 4 to June 10

June 4: In a lovely convergence of vacation days, my friend Kathy and I greeted summer together today. First, we wandered the galleries of the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC — and laughingly shook off the five-minute downpour exactly coinciding with our walk to the car. Chasing the bluing sky, we headed to the waterfront. We slipped into the perfect parking spot and two charming seats at the Salt Line bar. We sipped the breezes along with our drinks, and admired the sun’s sparkle on the river. Everyone seemed so happy, and we contributed our share.

The view from our barstools at the Salt Line overlooking the Anacostia River.

June 5: In the cool of the morning, I walked to the farmers market. Untroubled by recipes and possibilities (I am by no means a cook), I cheerfully admired the vegetables’ colors and textures, content to watch. Soon, however, my canvas bag held kale, scallions and beets with their greens. And, yes, basil-spearmint soap and two apple turnovers. The frilly abundance of the garden peeked from my bag as I walked home. My bag, not my kitchen, was their apogee; and that was just fine.

June 6: I sat today in a church sanctuary, at last. We are redeemed by water and the Spirit, the rector said. Today’s worship, in community (and in masks), was soft rain for my parched soul. My heart leapt to savor the youth readers, the lighted tapers, and the choir’s Cantate Domino resonating from the nave. I exchanged gestures of peace with scattered congregants and took Communion. I immersed myself in prayer and thanksgiving, and my heart exploded. From the aisles in benediction, the choir’s voices soared: “Let the amen/sound from his people again; gladly forever/ adore him.” By then my soul was watered with my own tears.

Mapasa, by Aime Mpane, Democratic Republic of the Congo (2012). A portrait of twin sisters in the Phillips’ exhibit “Seeing Differently.”

June 7: True confession: I’m now fully immersed in the quirky (and delightful) Netflix story of a young South Korean fashion CEO and a North Korean army captain who find a way — with the help of loyal village women and honorable fellow soldiers — to outwit all the bad guys (and find a way to be together??). Don’t tell me; I’m not finished with Crash Landing on You. But I bet I’ll watch it all again very soon. Note: the independent bookseller near you can recommend lots more than your next read or bar of chocolate. Thanks, Eileen!

June 8: I think memories qualify as a delight. Two years ago on this date, Jeremiah, Nate and two friends joined me for a picnic on the grounds of the Patapsco Female Institute in Maryland. Among the stabilized ruins of the 19th century building, we ate sausages, sipped lemonade, played “Sushi Go” and waited for the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company’s production of MacBeth to begin. As night fell, we followed the players in and out of the ruins and stood with them through bloodshed, banquets and madness. We won a bottle of wine in the raffle and played with the props. And now, visiting the theatre company’s website, I see Shakespeare-in-the-ruins returns this summer. I’m in. Who’s with me?

Neither Banquo’s nor Jeremiah’s head was actually served for dinner!

June 9:  My neighborhood birds now dine freely at the feeder outside my window, untroubled by chipmunks or deer. They linger long enough for me to study their beauty. I admire the nuthatch’s sleek black cap that cascades over its back and highlights its snowy breast and throat. The finch’s ruby eyebrows and kerchief give way to a smudge of red where its wings meet, like wine splattered on a well-used cloth. And the blue jay, far bigger than proper for such delicate company, struggles to find purchase on the tiny foot rest. It contorts itself into an oxbow to pluck a seed, its wings flared right and left around the narrow feeding tube. Too uncomfortable, I think, to gorge, the jay flies off. And back come ruby, brown and black & white to nibble just a bit more. 

June 10: I love a sun shower. Not just because it hints of rainbows, but also because of the yellow-green filter it passes over the sunlight, urging me to see things anew. And also because the rain and the sun, playing together, are like joy and sorrow — inseparable if looked at in the right way.

The crowd of cicadas on this city tree are stunningly loud. Splendid photo by Ricky Harper

Insight: Fashioned For Joy reader Thistles & Kiwis asked me last week about the mask I was wearing in our bookstore. In replying to her, I had this insight: In a very kind way, our exuberance to be in community is enriched by our rekindled caring for each other. I think our masks are saying, “Even though I may feel safe, I care for you. And I want you to feel safe too.” 

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Thanks to the generosity of so many, Kevin rode a “metric century” on Saturday and raised over $3,000 for the National MS Society!

13 thoughts on “Delights: June 4 to June 10

  1. I love the colours and shapes of vegetables, which often leads me to over buy 🙂 I see it is still cicada season too! Lovely post as usual.


    1. Dear T&K — I thought of your mouth-watering photos when I visited the farmers market. Your keen eye inspired me! And yes, the cicadas are still here. I wish I could find a way to record their song for my faraway friends!


  2. anneryanemailarizonaedu June 10, 2021 — 11:13 pm

    Lia and I loved Crash Landing on You!!! Made my day to learn you discovered it as well and also appreciate the quirky humor! Xoxoxoxoo Anne


    1. Hi, Anne! I just watched an episode near the end. Ay yi yi! I am thrilled to know that you and Lia love it too! I send you hugs and kisses too.


  3. I found your entry for June 6th to be very moving. By the way, June 6th 2021 was the 77th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion.


    1. Dear Steve — I just found your kind comment on my June 6 blog entry. The timing allowed me to think of you fondly and to recall that Sunday. (Thanks also for the D-Day anniversary note.) I am so grateful to you for reading my blog. Your comments are a nice way to stay in touch.


  4. I have CrashLandingOnYou cued on my watchlist … I now have added incentive to get to it sooner.
    I openly envy your time in church – it has been more than a year and a half since I’ve stepped in. We make do with online sermons, runs around church grounds, but we all know it’s not the same.


    1. Hi, Ju-Lyn. I just found your comment. Did you get a chance to watch Crash Landing on You? (It is a time commitment….) Regarding church, I enjoy following your Singapore Camino. Spiritual refreshment.


      1. I did get a start on Crash Landing … then I got distracted round about Ep 5. Thank you for the stirring to return to it. The Lead Actor is one of my favourites.

        Thank you for following along on our SG Camino – it is a balm for us; we are so glad that it energises others too. Appreciate so much the encouragement.


      2. So true about Crash Landing: the series is almost alarmingly long (what a time commitment!) and the lead actor is, uh, wonderful. I do want to find more shows featuring him!


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