Delights: June 5 to June 11

June 5, 2019: As I waited to cross E Street this morning, I captured a lovely bit of breeze flowing nonchalantly with eastbound traffic. Holding heat and humidity at bay, the air was light and fragrant. I lingered a bit, then moved on. I did, however, take off my baseball cap. The breeze riffled like fingers through my hair and tickled my roots. I felt completely free.

June 6, 2019: Flames leapt from the charcoal grill planted long ago in the tiny park near my house. A girl and boy chased bubbles. Fanta and burgers waited. A woman in a bright red sundress leaned in to share an intimate moment with the man. All of us were enjoying this lovely evening.

June 7, 2019: Imagine a good ol’ fashioned State Fair: pie, popcorn, ring toss, three-legged races and “take your photo” booths. Imagine funny clothes, butter-carving contests, and buckets of joy. This is what I stumbled upon, long after business hours, down the hall from my office. Morale booster, indeed.

June 8, 2019: Witchery, treason, madness, death. It truly was a lovely way to spend a lovely evening. The moon rose over the ruins of the Patapsco Female Institute as MacBeth, beguiled by prophecy of kingship, moved from honor to plot to blood-stained hands, as we the audience moved with each scene through and around the spooky stage-set. A picnic quilt earlier in the evening held our summer dinner, Scottish ale and an animated game of Sushi Go. Kasia won the wine raffle and all of us — Nate, Jeremiah, Kasia and our friend Andrea — won an extraordinary evening.

A view of the set. The shadowy figure is just coincidence. Or is it?

June 9, 2019:  raaaaawrrrrr keh heh heh… [I was about to poeticize about cherries from our tree when Jeremiah leaned over my shoulder and typed those, uh, words. That’s today’s funny-scary sound. I’m learning that delight comes in many shapes.]

June 10, 2019: After a satisfying bit of strength training tonight (I definitely wobbled as I navigated to my car), I picked up Peruvian chicken for dinner. The crust of black pepper, the moist insides, the flaming green sauce. But the yucca! We get a double helping, which fills an entire takeout shell by itself. I gaped and giggled as the man spooned piles into the container. It filled quickly, and still he spooned more. I swooned, and he piled the succulent fried wedges higher and higher. I think maybe he gave me extra because I was so excited. I resolved to cook spinach when I got home. And ate lots of yucca on the way.

June 11, 2019: Morning sights: Clusters of hostas, ferns and astilbe gathered in curves of lawn on our block. A three-legged dog chasing a duck. Our neighborhood creek, cleaning itself after the heavy rains. The sweeping curve of a jet angling high above the trees. An Instagram photo shared by our indy bookstore: “Books: helping introverts avoid conversation since 1454.”

Happy puffins on the Island of Staffa, Scotland (2018)

4 thoughts on “Delights: June 5 to June 11

  1. Some of these entries are like poetry like haiku maybe. Keep your synapses trained on these sorts of moments and sharing them! The joy “wiring” of the brain you can call it.


    1. Ooh, Jini, I love that phrase: “Joy-wiring the brain.” Yes, indeed. And you’re so right: the more I look, the more I find. I hope you share your bits of found delight with me too!


  2. Carol Ann,
    Every time I read these delights I smile and feel peaceful. Thank you for this necessary gift. ♥️


    1. Dear Carolyn — I exhale with gratitude as I read your words. I’m delighting myself and wiring my brain for joy (see Jini’s astute comment above). I love the idea of bringing you pleasure and peace too. Thank you for being my partner in this way of seeing.


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