May 9

May 9, 2019 — My birthday. To celebrate the launch of my next big decade, I am resolved to notice, celebrate and share with you the tiny delights, beauties and acts of grace in our world. I’ll start by celebrating you, my readers. Many of you are my beloved friends; others are joyful new companions. I want to invite reflection and smiles. I want to fling encouragement in all directions, like birthday confetti. (Some of it might linger.) I want to inspire you, as you inspire me. Today, and every day, you are my delight.

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3 thoughts on “May 9

  1. Happy birthday!! Have a wonderful day.


  2. Carolyn Wallace May 9, 2019 — 10:22 am

    Happy birthday, Carol Ann! May your loving light continue to be a blessing for the world. The angles sure must have had a party when you were born!


  3. What a treat to receive a blog from you on this special milestone for you! Happy Birthday! Keep radiating that glow, Carol Ann. Keep creating that heaven here. Hoping to see you soon.


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